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Industry Facts
Knowledge is power

  • According to Medical Devices Business 2015, total size of the US medical device industry is USD 110 Billion, with a forecasted growth rate of 5% through 2020.

  • US medical industry SWOT analysis:
    • Strengths
      • US holds the leading role in global medical device space.
      • Strong R&D Investment
      • Medical schools and major teaching hospitals rank among the best in the world.
      • Revenue growth continues to be strong.
    • Weaknesses
      • Reduced R&D investment due to medical device tax
      • Low-risk investments for short term results replacing higher risk investments
      • Increased regulatory requirements have led to increased costs
      • Less robust R&D tax credit
    • Opportunities
      • Rate of population with an age over 65 is expected to increase annually for the foreseeable future, resulting in increased use of health resources
      • Improved product efficacy resulting in new business models, improved metrics, and add value to customers.
      • New product development and improved drug delivery devices
      • Increased connectivity between devices and users to healthcare providers
    • Threats
      • Emerging competitive technologies
      • Less industry restrictions abroad
      • Product obsolesces
      • International market competition


Your advantage
Excellent Service and Value

You work with only one partner throughout the project; an organization with industry know how and competent project, marketing, and sales management. You are guaranteed faster startup and reduced project management costs.

BCM Group counts some of the world's leading technology firms as our clients. The relationships range from totally new business development activities to business extensions of established firms into new markets.

BCM Group develops new business by firmly bridging the distance, commercial and cultural gaps, working closely with the top pharma, biotech and device manufacturers, and offering excellent service and value.

Why Enter New Markets?
The life sciences market is Global

New Markets

Each market is constantly seeking new technologies to improve their quality, patient compliance, product safety, enhance their brand recognition and business performance.

Companies that have already expanded are benefiting by increased sales, greater market awareness, higher profits, significantly larger customer base, and have stabilized their business by not relying on one single market’s economic cycle.


"Bridging Culture, Building Presence,
Assuring Success in Life Sciences"

Life Sciences

Strategic consulting services are critical to non-US developers of emerging and innovative technologies and services. The pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech markets are well-know for their conservative position and avoidance of risk. BCM Group serves as the eyes and ears of the manufacturer, a scout with highly-developed skills for identifying new opportunities and potential markets.

BCM Group’s track record in new business development spans decades of work in the Pharma and biotech industries. New market development opportunities continually emerge for long term and highly profitable relationships with US customers. Being close to the market –physically and culturally is essential to being considered a reliable partner to the industry.

Executives recognize the market and business potential the US offers. Many have gone at it alone, only to be discouraged due to misunderstanding the business culture, or missing opportunities due to communication limitations. BCM Group removes these and other commonly-encountered barriers to building a sound business.

The life sciences market is a relationship-based business culture. The introduction and sales of new products manufactured overseas requires a level of experience and understanding which BCM offers. The market affords little margin for error.

As the client company begins to enjoy sustainable business activities in the US, BCM Group offers Phase 1 Business Management Consulting. The manufacturer can think confidently that their interests are being watched carefully and the day-to-day activities are under control and communicated in a accurate and timely manner by BCM Group.

BCM Group can screen and recommend new locally based employees, train sales personnel, establish key account strategies and oversee local project management.