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Industry Facts
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  • According to Medical Devices Business 2015, total size of the US medical device industry is USD 110 Billion, with a forecasted growth rate of 5% through 2020.

  • US medical industry SWOT analysis:
    • Strengths
      • US holds the leading role in global medical device space.
      • Strong R&D Investment
      • Medical schools and major teaching hospitals rank among the best in the world.
      • Revenue growth continues to be strong.
    • Weaknesses
      • Reduced R&D investment due to medical device tax
      • Low-risk investments for short term results replacing higher risk investments
      • Increased regulatory requirements have led to increased costs
      • Less robust R&D tax credit
    • Opportunities
      • Rate of population with an age over 65 is expected to increase annually for the foreseeable future, resulting in increased use of health resources
      • Improved product efficacy resulting in new business models, improved metrics, and add value to customers.
      • New product development and improved drug delivery devices
      • Increased connectivity between devices and users to healthcare providers
    • Threats
      • Emerging competitive technologies
      • Less industry restrictions abroad
      • Product obsolesces
      • International market competition


Your advantage
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You work with only one partner throughout the project; an organization with industry know how and competent project, marketing, and sales management. You are guaranteed faster startup and reduced project management costs.

BCM Group counts some of the world's leading technology firms as our clients. The relationships range from totally new business development activities to business extensions of established firms into new markets.

BCM Group develops new business by firmly bridging the distance, commercial and cultural gaps, working closely with the top pharma, biotech and device manufacturers, and offering excellent service and value.

Alliances and Partnerships

BCM Group maintains excellent alliances with many of the worlds leading technology firms. The relationships range from totally new business activities in NA to business extensions of established firms into new markets . We offer superior business development market entry and high performance consulting.


business partnership Global Supplier of New Advanced Material, Multilayer plastic containers for parenteral pharmaceuticals.

business partnership Global European-based Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Developer of breakthrough pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products.

business partnership Market leader in the development and production of oxygen and moisture scavenging technologies and barrier materials.

business partnership Industry leader supplying highly engineered and custom material handling and processing equipment for pharmaceuticals.

business partnership Pallaypack – leading North American manufacturers representatives focused on processing and packaging systems offering high-value marketing and sales activities including integration, custom solutions, after sales support, and spare parts.

business partnership US Independently–owned global company that develops, manufactures and markets healthcare products in 90 countries.

business partnership German developer and manufacturer of vision technology and infrastructure for e pedigree and Track And Trace.

business partnership Swiss manufacturer of precision injection molded components, molds, and sub-assemblies for drug delivery. devices

business partnership Swiss manufacturer of stamping and heat sealing technology for high integrity packaging of diagnostic, pharmaceutical and food products.

business partnership Swiss laser coding and verification technology for tracking and tracing drug-filled syringes and vials. This technology supports efforts to enforce anti counterfeiting.

business partnership Swedish manufacturer of robotic technology for automated product handling

business partnership Swiss supplier of contract biopharmaceutical sterile filling and freeze drying services

business partnership Swiss manufacturer of pharmaceutical powder injection systems

business partnership Swedish developer of software and automated systems for medical device manufacturing

business partnership US manufacturer of transport and storage systems for powdered pharmaceutical and chemical products

business partnership German contract biopharmaceutical product development, production and packaging services provider.

business partnership Austrian manufacturer of hardware and web-based line surveillance system to monitor and track line efficiency

business partnership Swiss manufacturer of X-Ray systems for inspection of medical devices

business partnership German contract biopharmaceutical producer of bulk API for use in R&D, clinical testing or commercial product

business partnership Swiss manufacturer of proprietary biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of respiratory tract infections

business partnership German developer of MES software designed to coordinate, optimize and control the work flow in a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant

business partnership British award winning designer of innovative patient compliance packaging for solid dosage pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and drug delivery systems.

business partnership US developer of X-Ray technology to authenticate and verify the identity of solid dosage medications

business partnership Swiss award winning designer and manufacturer of state of the art electron beam sterilization technology

business partnership Swiss manufacturer of powder processing technology

business partnership US manufacturer of medical device design and automation

business partnership US contract manufacturer of state of the art packaging machines