Expert Advisory Services

What are the Services
we provide?
Global Business Development

  • Expert Advisory Services
  • High performance, international business consulting
  • Revenue growth for advanced technologies
  • Strategic Business Thinking
  • Packaging design and automation
  • Revenue Growth Optimization
  • M+A Facilitation
  • Strategic business road mapping for new entry
  • Budgetary factors, I.P. protection, reimbursement scenarios, and revenue stream analysis


Your advantage
Excellent Service and Value

You work with only one partner throughout the project; an organization with industry know how and competent project, marketing, and sales management. You are guaranteed faster startup and reduced project management costs.

BCM Group counts some of the world's leading technology firms as our clients. The relationships range from totally new business development activities to business extensions of established firms into new markets.

BCM Group develops new business by firmly bridging the distance, commercial and cultural gaps, working closely with the top pharma, biotech and device manufacturers, and offering excellent service and value.

Bill Cairns Management Group is Strategic, Entrepreneurial, and Forward Thinking
Establishing successful business channels and collaborations

We are experts in establishing successful business channels and collaborations between our clients and North American manufacturers of medical products. Through consulting and business development services, we formulate the very best end-to-end solutions by developing the business’s roadmap, path to market entry strategy, actions to generate sales and on to establishing the ongoing business. Bill Cairns Management Group, LLC. will make your company successful through providing valuable services including:

  • Integrated Strategic & Business Planning – Our proven “Phase One” program guides Company leadership in the identification and implementation of profitable business growth strategies through the evaluation of new business opportunities leading to the execution of a comprehensive plan of action to successfully commercialize the products and services in targeted North American markets.
  • “Expert Advisory Services” – We select and recommend the optimal solution for assembly, automation, or packaging processes for medical product manufacturers. Bill Cairns Management Group works with the best US and international industry suppliers and experts in materials, equipment and components. Our programs identify sound technologies compatible with the client’s technical and capacity needs.
  • Driving New Business through the “5 Steps” – Our top priority is to make the client company successful as a long-term and profitable entity. We work closely with company management to find the right partner, prepare a realistic business plan, prepare timelines with a view to the long term and develop communication tools which project the client’s unique value proposition.
  • Passion for Growth – Our company has no greater passion than to enable manufacturers to promote their products through multiple channels and shorten their time to market. Clients gain access to high potential customers, engage industry thought leaders, trade associations , dependable partners, networking events, and educational resources.
  • The Power of the “Rule of 4’s” – We give the client the tools needed to segment the target markets for better penetration, ways to become the market “expert”, how to find hidden needs and future trends and the best pricing position.
  • Master the Unique Value Proposition – Our clients learn how to apply the “C’s” (connecting, creating, capturing, communicating, consulting, conversing, contributing) to motivate the potential customers, counter buyer objections and build long-lasting trust.